What counts as a major fault in a driving test?


I'm taking my second driving test next week - the first test I only got 2 minors but then messed up by going through a red light! Idiot!

Anyway, I was wondering what happens if you mess up your maneuvers on the test? I realise dangerous lack of observations would probably go down as a major/serious fault, but what if you mess up on technicalities? EG, parallel parking, you observe fine, start fine but finish up a bit wonky. Will you fail?



During manouevres you will fail if you do not use the correct observations, if you hit the kerb, or fail to complete the manouvre itself. You'll also fail if you don't act on what you see when you do your observations, that is, if you see a car coming past you but do not stop then that's a fail. You won't fail for being a bit wonky, unless you're sticking out of the space and therefore causing an obstruction. My first test is tomorrow and I really hope they don't make me parallel park! Good luck with yours hun xx


Crashing into a wall.................


why dont you have some lessons then you wont have to ask impossible to answer questions on here


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you would not recieve a major for just parking a little wonky, you may get a minor if done quite badly. If you have any sort of crash even if its not your fault and even if the test instructor knows that, it is an automatic fail. being in the wrong lane is a major. x


Violating any traffic laws, failing to signal, failing to stop, speeding, and of course having an accident. In most cases even if you don't fail because of the number of minor faults the examiner has discretionary authority to fail you if they think you are not really in "control" of the vehicle or if they think you could not drive safely.