I changed my battery and alternator and my battery still keeps draining?

I put a new battery in the car and a new alternator. My battery still kept dying so we exchanged the alternator and the battery again. It still keeps dying. What could be some other reasons my battery keeps draining/dying? thanks! :)


You have a parasitic draw somewhere in the electrical system. Those are difficult to track down so unless you have the time and the patience and the knowhow, take the car to a mechanic.


Must be something in the car on or I've known of a bare wire laying against the frame draining the battery.


Year? Has the Car been Sitting and How Long? Battery Dies after driving a few day or just drains over night for no reason? {With a V.O.M. and everything "Turned Off" Check for a Voltage Drain Across the System.} "Why did you change the Battery & Alternator the first time?" Bad Fusible Link from Alt. to Battery (Causing a No Charge), Etc.


you got the short/go inside and start pulling fuses/other than the door /lamp fuse none should spark in and out of the socket


voltage regulator.