I used alumaseal Radiator Stop Leak Powder is this ok?

I got the powder tube and only poured a tiny bit in the radiator cause i had a small leak will it clog up anything i heard it will if u use the whole tube but i only poured a tiny bit i mean seriously like the tube is almost full still and it did work cause i checked for leaks after i warmed it up and drove it around town and there is none. I heard it can clog the heater core up though but my heat is still working.


I wouldn't worry about it if you only put such a small amount , No way your going to clog the heater core . I personally dont use that type of product at all .


That's an old rumour from many ,any years ago.


no its not gonna hurt anything, especially if u used a small amount i have seen heater cores get clogged from using stop leak but only when people go crazy and pour a very very large amount into the radiator, u will be fine dont worry.


Aluma^Seal, or any so-called sealer is temporary at best, if it works at all. It usually stops up the cooling system causing more damage. You will eventually have to repair the leak, but after using the sealer, you will also, at the very least, have to replace the radiator and heater core.

It will be cheaper in the long run to just fix the problem right.


Any of those so-called sealers will clog up your cooling system. They should outlaw it, or at least put a warning on the label like cigarettes have.

I know, I used it once, and it wound up costing me almost $1600 to get my cooling system completely replaced.


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