Think my starter motor has died?

180sx nissan 93

fmic, pod filter, exhaust, t28, walbro fuel pump.

my idle was bad so i decided to clean the IACV as said in alot of DIY's ..

i sprayed carb cleaning in there and went to start it.. it cranked but didnt start. so i ask them what can be wrong... they said to pull out the EGI fuses then crank it to run all the carb cleaning threw... it worked, it started, idled badly and died...then i put fuses back in and tried to crank it, and it wouldnt crank like before... it will just make a whining sound (but the clutch fan is still spinning) like the teeth arent connecting...engine wont move at all.

what can be the problem?


The starter needs a good battery - sounds as though it's lost juice while you're doing all that cranking. Incidentally, carb cleaner is very aggressive and releases a lot of gunk which can cause bad idling. Best to have a diagnostic check - I think a 93 Nissan will have some form of onboard engine management system that can be interrogated. Use injector cleaner in the fuel - takes longer to clean but there's less chance of damaging things. If the starter is spinning around once the battery has full charge, it's not the starter itself, although it could be the solenoid. Since you can't buy them separately (not easily anyway) you will probably need a new starter. Try the battery first though.


think? You should know


it all points to the starter.




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