Air Condition issues on a GM?

on my wife 95 Saturn SL1 the ac dont blow cold, the ac compressor clutch seen soft you can turn in by hand now today i bought 2 can of freon i put in into the system in still no cold air in the compressor clutch never turn on any suggest on what can be the problem>>?


Well with out going into a a who who and what what here.

Here is what I would ask:

Did the system have any freon in it when you started?

Did the compressor EVER KICK ON?

While you were charging it?

Im assuming you put both cans in it correct?

Now let go backwards here. Im not going to get into the legal aspect cra p.

You for sure have a leak somewhere. So if and how long it holds up is anyones guess.

The compressor is turning freely which means its not locked up. A good thing.

Now, im going to skip the proper way as you wont have all theses tools need. So we will go about it shade tree mechanic style.

1. Have your can hooked up to the low side

2. Start Car, MAX AC ON

3. Get back to the front ( a helper makes this easy) and start putting the freon in.

4. You need to be somewhere around 35-40 PSI

Lastly if you put both cans in and its not doing anything. Check the fuse that power the compressor, compressor terminal plugs.

If all check out. The next is that you probably have a bad pressure switch. And they system will not come on. You can not replace this switch youself. You ll have bigger problems. You can for testing purpose (or leave it this way ** do at your own risk) is put a jump wire a paper clip will work. Insert the paper clip into the plug with the two wires going to it. this will "fool" the system and the compressor should run. The down side is if there is a major issue with restriction in the system your going to blow a seal somewhere. This is where professional gauges come into play. You need to look at the high and low side readings. If you just want to "try" it and the air blows ice cold. I would nor worry about it. Just a bad sensor.

And to the haters outthere yes I am aware of the correct way to do this. There is no way he has a vacuum pump, is licensed, has professional gauges, a reclaim machine. Yada fing yada. That why I said shade tree .

Also, you may have put too much freon in the system. Look on the fan shroud it wil tell you either in OZ or LBS how much the system hold. Too much and it wont come on because the high pressure safety switch is kicking in


needs a recharge. a true recharge


condenser might be clogged...


Right now the problem is you put in two cans of refrigerant and R134a cannot just be introduced without proper procedure, the most important is vacuuming the system and then put in the refrigerant by weight, and the cans use volume.

You'll have to take it to a certified AC technician if you want to have AC.


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