Whats a good car to soup up?

I don't have a lot to spend so I am looking for something cheaper but can put some money. I am not looking for a car that has 500 hp, but a car thats just got some good speed to it.


Hahaha with the soup, j/k. But, ha with the 500 hp either starting out or your goal. Check this: 1 hp will cost you $10.00, so 5K off the bat, You need a car / truck with an engine you can build, not bolt on-to, it's cheaper in the long run, and more reliable, My opinion get a small block 80's-90's something (GM all the way).


A Campbells truck? But I think those are as SOUPED up as they can get.


Renault Clio


how about a tanker. you could fit a lot of soup in one of them.


Honda Civics are really customizable to my knowledge. Be careful.


I wanted to make a bad soup joke, but Sean beat me to it!

Something Japanese, they spend most of their money on their cars as their houses are almost always small so their car have plenty of options for modifying! Plus, they're exceptionally reliable anyway.


don't have a lot to spend = don't mess with a car.

That said, turbo cars give you the most bang (sometimes literally) for your buck. Sometimes with as little as a manual boost controller, you can gain 20+ hp. You have to be careful though, too much boost = blown motor.

But, again, if you don't know much about cars or don't have the to pay someone to do it right, don't mess with them.


If you dont have a lot of money, don't bother. Abd what dobyou me by 'soup up?' like, pimp-mo-bile or just customized restoration? Either one, take an old car like a 70 Nova, or an old Caprice and *****-fy that thing.

But if you're a normal white guy, you wouldn't 'soup up' any vehicle unless you were putting a lift on a Jeep or something. I've seen niggers riding around in a beat up Lincoln town car, but it's lifted and has some of the most retarded rims you'll find and them stupid spinners. It's literally funny.

Anyways, whatever you do, have fun and don't be offended because I said ******, because it's obviously a joke.


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