Car engine help please ?

does a v12 engine have 24 pistons ? (one intake one outake for each cylinder) ?


A V12 has 12 pistons. I think you want to know how many valves it has. It could have 24 valves possibly 36. Is there a particular engine you would like to know about?


no a v12 has 12 pistons 24 valves


A V-12 is a 12-cyclinder..12-piston engine..

The valve placement--can be 2-per cyclinder or even 3-per cylinder..

Don't think they would go 4-per cylinder/


No. Pistons are simply one per cylinder, no matter what. Valves are either two, three, or four per cylinder, and are what allow for intake and exhaust. The piston fills the entire cylinder and only one could fit. V12 indicates twelve cylinders arranged in a V formation.


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