Ford transit diesel knock. 2.0 duratorq running problems?

hi i was wondering if anyone could help me? i have a 51 plate transit van 2.0 turbo duratorq.

about a week ago i was driving up the motorway with my car in tow when the van seemed to loose a little power. i pulled over in to the next services to see what was wrong and it was then i notis that my engine now had that dreaded diesel knock.

when i got home i took the injectors out and took them to a turbo and injector specialist where he tested them for me.

he told me that one was blocked sold so i though ok ill just buy a new/2nd hand set.. i got on ebay i got a set of low mileage ones and put them in but still had the same problem? i then though ahh maybe i got sold a set with a bad one? so i then put my 3 good ones back in and put one in at a time from the new set but with no success.

iv been looking allot in to this and i know the timing control solenoid in the injector pump can also go wrong on the transits but what i find strange is my van starts right up on the key and runs ok be it on the 3 cylinders so I'm guessing its not a timing thing? if it was all of the cylinders would be out right?

i just don't want to go spend another 100 quid on something I'm going to find out i didn't need is all :(

the van starts and drives ok with the exception its only running on 3 cylinders and it has diesel knock as said, theres is also no smoke from the van.

could it be a fault with a glow plug?

if anyone cold give me some advice i would be very thankful. Dave


Forget the glow plugs,they only operate when staing from cold.

Stick with what you absolutely know,you have 3 operating injectors,so,can you move the fault?

if cylinder #2 is faulty you switch that injector for #3 and put the other back in,has the fault moved?is cylinder #3 now faulty,no?so you moved a good injector into the faulty #2 but no difference,that means no injector fault,if moving the injector moves the fault then threre's a definite injector fault.

All yours tested as good,that means the next step is a compression test to see if any cylinder is down,then I'd check the valve clearances,then the cam belt/timing.


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