My upper radiator hose is cold, the lower one is hot?

The heater is blowing only lukewarm air most of the time and the temperature gauge in the car is registering below normal operating temperature. However, driving the car yesterday, the car started to overheat, and the heater was blowing extremely hot air. This morning, driving the car, it overheated again, but this time was blowing very cold air from the heater. I got the car home and it is back to operating below normal temperature and blowing lukewarm air. Is this a symptom of a thermostat that is sticking open and then sticking closed? In order to replace the thermostat I have to remove the upper intake manifold and I want to be sure of the problem before I start the repair


Sounds like the thermostat is sticking. It needs to be replaced,and it's a simple job,if u are mechanically inclined. If not,find a good mechanic that u trust and have him or her replace it. That should fix that problem


sounds out of order


dat must suck. a car that requires u to remove the intake jus so u can get to the thermostat,get u a ol cud be the thermostat,it could also be that you got air in the line. i wud say improper amount of coolant but it was runnin below normal 1 day(which wud make me think 2 much coolant) and you said 1 day it overheated(which wud make me think not enuf coolant) but theres no way it cud b both at the same time so go w/ thermostat,or air in the line. but as long as 1 hose is always cooler than the other you kno its not really running hot an it jus says it is