Red light on the digital panel on hondacbr250r?

I have a honda cbr250r. I have a oil light(red light) signal on dash panel that stays on until i start the bike and then it goes off. Is it normal or it has something to tell me?


If the light STAYS ON, then you have an issue. It comes on before you start the engine because there is no oil around the sensor. Once the engine starts turning, the oil is pumped round, so the sensor can check the level and/or pressure. If all is well, then the light goes off :)

--Mikey B--


When the key is on and the engine is not running you oil pressure! So the light is lit to 1). tell you it is working and 2) you have no oil pressure. Once started the light should extinguish telling you all is well. Your owners manual is a wealth of information on the extremely obvious as well as the merely obvious. You should spend some quality time reading the darn thing!


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