My neighbor wants to use my wifi?

I just moved here about 2 weeks ago (although these people were good friends with my mom I really never spoke to them) and the neighbors have been nice in fact a little too nice and nosy at times. They manage the apartments so obviously they feel they own this place anyway I am not too fond of them but I am not rude either. My neighbor just came and asked if they can use my internet connection and offered to pay half of the bill each month. I am not a rude person but I really don't feel comfortable with someone using my internet. I made this whole excuse up, I told them I have a bundle so I don't know how much the internet alone would be, she asked if I can just pass my internet cable or use my wifi so they can use it to chat with their daughter when she leaves town. Am I being too rude for not letting them use my internet? I have a feeling they will ask again what should I tell them? I feel like a bad neighbor for not letting them use my internet but I just don't know them well enough to let them use it. and can there be any consequences if I'd let them use it? Any good advice is welcomed thanks.

btw it's a whole family living next door (parents and two 18 year old boys and their daughter who is 25 is about to leave) so all these people would be using my internet and I have unlimited internet but it's still kinda weird to me.


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See the only problem is if you let people use it and they download anything illegal (say music for example) it would be traced to you and you would be liable. Yes it would be the nice thing to do to let them and maybe the parents wont abuse it but if one of the children did something on it you could get in trouble. I dont know much about computers and viruses and such but this could effect your internet safety as well potentially. So you should consider everything and if you trust them or not first.


stop being a B-itch and let them use it


I can think of two reasons why you would not want to share Internet, even if it would be cheaper for you.

Firstly, all devices in your network would be visible to their computers. This won't be as much of a problem if you use firewalls or set up a private network, but it's still a layer of security that you loose.

Second, I would not do it unless you trust them not to do anything illegal, such as pirating software. I don't know the specifics, but I believe you could be held liable if they get themselves in trouble on your Internet connection.

I would not let them share your Internet.


Don't let them use it. You want to know what to tell them? Tell them the truth, "I do not feel comfortable letting you use it. I do not feel I know you well enough." If they continue to press you or start being troublesome tell them it is illegal (whether it is or not).

By letting them use it you are making them a part of your network. This means that any shared information or peripherals ( printer, harddrives) are shared with them. So unless you want to go through the hassle of hardening your security on your computers/devices. DON'T DO IT! If they want/need it that bad high-speed internet is $40 a month. Send them a brochure. Frakin moochers...


In addition to the other reasons, it would be a violation of your contract with your ISP.

I would just say no, and explain that its not allowed.


The short answer is NO! This is very dangerous to do. Anything illegal they would do on their computer would be traced to your internet connection! Don't allow yourself to get involved with these people, no matter what they say!


Look, if you don't want them to use your wifi, then tell them.

Tell them that you don't feel comfortable if they use your internet. If they are nice people, they would understand.


No way don't let them. That's not safe put a password on your internet. You're paying for the internet they're just trying to mooch off you. It would be nice of you but it's wrong of them to want that. Put a password on your wifi

Good luck :)