How do i make my neighbors wifi signal stronger on my i pod touch?

My neighbor has his connection unblocked and he is my front door neighbor, i want to know how to make my connection of the Wifi stronger other then getting closer, usually i have to hold the itouch in a certain uncomfortable position. I need help please.


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Break into his house.

JK dont break in, just buy get your own wi fi

Mar 21 at 19:32

Seriously? Buy your own.

Mar 21 at 23:18

You get your own internet in your own house, you little scumbag.

Mar 22 at 3:27

go buy wifi yourself instead of stealing it from your neighbor

Mar 22 at 7:59

So you are asking us how to better steal from your neighbor?

Mar 22 at 12:54

You are a THIEF, you are stealing his property! You should be sent to prison. Reported to Yahoo.

Mar 22 at 18:13

I really don't think you can to make their signal stronger. Sorry.

Mar 22 at 23:54

ask him to move the router closer to you so you can steal it better

Mar 23 at 5:58