How do i make my neighbors wifi signal stronger on my i pod touch?

My neighbor has his connection unblocked and he is my front door neighbor, i want to know how to make my connection of the Wifi stronger other then getting closer, usually i have to hold the itouch in a certain uncomfortable position. I need help please.


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Break into his house.

JK dont break in, just buy get your own wi fi


Seriously? Buy your own.


You get your own internet in your own house, you little scumbag.


go buy wifi yourself instead of stealing it from your neighbor


So you are asking us how to better steal from your neighbor?


You are a THIEF, you are stealing his property! You should be sent to prison. Reported to Yahoo.


I really don't think you can to make their signal stronger. Sorry.


ask him to move the router closer to you so you can steal it better