HP Pavillion DV6 just hot or overheating?

Does anyone know the optimal running temperature for this laptop HP Pavillion DV6 1210sa.

It seems to get hot quickly and the power pack gets quite hot. I have quite a bit of fan noise when im browsing internet or running itunes etc.... fan noise is minimal when it is idle. I not sure if it is supposed to run this hot or is just normal. Even with fan noise and heat, the general running is not slow in the slightest i doesnt crash, freeze or anything like that


normal computers i mean laptops. the whole computer gets burning uncomfortable hot. thats normal. thats because normal temperatures are between 80-100 degrees celcuis for laptops. i got the temperature to lower 10 degree celcius wich means heat damage wont occur as fast(all laptops will die from this) by buying a reccommended(cnet)laptop cooler…

its cheap and it works! i was skeptic at first but it reduced the temp and got my laptop trackpad(the place where ur keyboard and palm rests went from hot to cool! gonna maybe get one for my new macbook pro. but anything not apple made looks ugly next to it and even uglier when paired with a mac so i may have to rethink it


well, it's natural for computers to be hot. i have a pavillion dv3 and it's always hot. make sure you're not in a hot place. it's not overheating. it will overheat for prolong use. if you're unsure, why don't you go to HP customer support? I'm pretty sure you have a guide on going to the website for help once you purchase a HP product.


I have a dv6338se and mine use to do that, try updating the BIOS from and see if there is any other hp updates for your laptop. most laptops overheat because there dirty inside, once a week i blow air from my air compressor lightly into my laptop, make sure u shut down your laptop before blowing air into it.


Your airflow is blocked and there are dust trapped on the fan, its common on the DV6, I have one of those, get a can of DustOff air blast and blash the dust out, if the fan noise doesnt go away, may need replacing.