I have a Sony Vaio Model VGN-TZ36L, where can i download driver for windows 7?

Hey, i have upgraded from vista to Windows 7, and my function keys do not work, and the buttons in front of my computer does not work either, and my fingerprint reader doesnt work.... :(. The Solve PC issues says to download the drivers and directs me to a website, but i cant find my model. How would i fix these problems?


Your Vaio is Korean.

VGN-TZ3 series drivers and applications (VGN-TZ36L included):…

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I'm not at all familiar with Vaio's software.

So, IMHO, do the following:

Down page

"Applications" section

Try installing first "VAIO Control Center" and reboot.

If it doesn't work, additionally install "Setting Utility Series"

Install ALL other apps if necessary.


Good luck.


Sony's website just enter your model number in their support section.