What are some good websites for 11 year olds?

Please don't say Stardoll,Club Penguin or any other baby websites.Thankz!Need reply quick!

Answers I am 11 and my sister is 12 and we love it! also try, you can buy stuff, (boombang and whirled are the best) make islands, and its free! no downloads and you can talk on your own (no safe chat) and you can walk around its fun :)



depends on what you want the web page for really... im guessing killing time


Well those are the websites I was going to recommend, 11 year olds really shouldn't be online for more than 1/2 an hour a day in my opinion. I presume you are asking for your daughter or sister as Y!A guidelines state under 13 year olds should not use this site

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Welll. Depending on your interests I prefer Jumpstart, Webkinz, Howrse, browsing yahoo answers, only top 10.

11 years old TruthTellerIsis

This is not yahoo answers.