How do i burn youtube songs on to a disk?

i have a youtube converter to play mp3 tracks, but how do i transfer the youtube songs to a cd, can someone pls help me, i have media player and i use dvdsoft to download youtube songs


burn youtube songs on to a cd disk, so easy, follow me, first you need to download the youtube videos to your computer hard drive, there are many websites can free download youtube videos, just search "download youtube videos" on yahoo or google, such as keepvid, splandoo, clipnabber, etc, then you can use a right software to burn cd from the downloaded youtube videos, you can use RZ Audio Converter to do that, easy to use, it can burn Audio CD or MP3 CD from any format videos or songs, such as directly burn a CD disk from downloaded youtube videos, you can yahoo or google search and download RZ Audio Converter, hope it can help you.


I use also free studio. Select MP3&Audio and use audio cd burner.


you can use you tube downloader software to download you tubes and then burn it into the disk.


Just burn CDs using your media player. RealPlayer and iTunes both have the capacity. Just go to the settings bar and burn from there.


I think this will be helpful to you.…


Whare you download the music?

You should make sur you have MP3 format.

If not, you need a audio converter such like Video Download Studio.

To burn songs to disk you also need nero software.


the same way you burn any other song onto a disc.

first you must download the youtube song/video. convert it to audio. google how to do that or ask another question.

then burn the mp3 or whatever ext. it is.


I only download user made music videos(and videos that are one of a kind) from you tube for the actual songs you might as well buy them unless theres nowhere near you that sells them.I remember someone named frndlynbrhudmxcn the music videos he made were the best of the best then a few months later youtube perma banned him and deleted all of his videos for multiple copyright infringement. every since then I've been downloading user made music videos but the songs themselves are not one of a kind and can be found in stores.