Why is my facebook page "unresponsive" and how do I fix it?

Whenever I log on it works for a second or two on each page then freezes and doesn't let me scroll or click anything and my cursor stays the same, then after a minute or two, a chrome pop up appears and says the following page is unresponsive and gives me the option to wait or to kill it. I've tried a lot of things, I've refreshed relentlessly, I've cleared my cache, I've re-installed my browser even. I went on my friend's laptop and signed on there but to no avail, it did the same thing. I've been patient with my computer for the past day, but I am filling up with bottled, pure, rage. I am resisting the urge to crane kick my computer outside and beat it out of anger. I have some very important people to talk to at the moment and have no other means of contacting them. Nonetheless, please help me. I've googled solutions but haven't found anything that wasn't out dated or didn't work. This is my first time on here, but please help me. I'm using Google Chrome 12.0.742.100 beta-m. I'm using Windows Vista. Wat do?


How long did you have you're computer, it could be either internet connection problems and/or super slow computer/

I suggest that you should change to a new browser and also try defragging your computer.

Odds are it would fix it and download CCLEANER and scan and fix any registry problems.

Good luck. (: