How to convince my parents to let me have a youtube account?

My parents deleted my youtube account! Me and my friend worked so hard on all of our videos, and we were getting a little more popular! I can't believe it. They are trying to find a way to delete our website now too. How can we convince my parents to let us make videos and put them on youtube?



get a good reason to have a youtube account, or negotiate. its the only way, say you'll do all your chores without allowance or something, i know if i just helped around the house more without them having to ask they would be more receptive to letting me get what i wanted, (ps they never gave me any money for an allowance or for working lol)


If they deleted your account, then they must know your password. So you have serveral options.

1. Change your website's password.

2. Don't save the password to the computer.

Additionally, let your parents know how much it meant to them. Tell them that acting/filming/video editing is your passion, and let them know you love it.

What was your YouTube account name? All of us could try messaging YouTube staff to re-open it!


convince them that you are talented in what you do !, and talent means to be intelligent in something, but that intelligence should be polish to a better way by doing YT videos. If you found out your passion for it as your parents they can't head off and delete your account. They have to support you in what you do and in the creative energy you waste because eventually you'' feel frustrated and that's a don't.


did u have bad videos up there? how old r u?


tell them you will use the channel to post your school projects, and that universities and Jobs love people who are passionate about what they do and thus posting about your work would be a great career opportunity.


tell them how important it is and ask them a clear reason for doing that.... oe else secretly make a new one and don't say a word.


Just make one and use it when they are never near you. Its hard to convince parents and thats why you have to be brave enough to do something out of your comfort zone. Also, how do they go about finding your youtube account. Always remember to log off before your parents come on the computer.