Why won't facebook let me comment on, or like things?

Everytime I click the like button or comment, it takes me to a white empty page, it's not loading because it says "done"in the bottom left corner of the page.

Everything else works, it's just the commenting and liking...

Help please?


This question came up just a little bit ago:;_ylt=AkJDA1r2NjL6Ea_5b5qrToPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100522041039AA3f6gG&show=7#profile-info-a7FuvQvaaa

Facebook is being plagued by a bug it seems. What follows is what I wrote on the other question.

As noted by others, it would seem that Facebook is experiencing a bug where comments are not posted after a commenter clicks "comment." Hopefully, Facebook will address the issue soon, and it will no longer be an issue.

Some things you might try until Facebook gets its act together:

-Log Out, then Log in Again

- Change browser:




-Try a different computer.


is the php AJAX endpoint, which is a thin wrapper around a Thrift service for handling typeahead queries. This service, called the "aggregator", is at the root of a tree of separate search services. Aggregators thems...elves are stateless and have no index of their own. They are instead responsible for delegating queries to multiple lower-level services in parallel and integrating their results.

The problem is currently an issue of the aggregator having conflicts with Internet Explorer 8.0.6001 The remedy may required a combined effort of Microsoft and Facebook engineers to arrive at a viable solution. In the mean time, users might wish to use or install Mozilla Firefox 3.0.15, which does not have this conflict.

For the mean time now, try using other browsers like mozilla firefox, etc.


the site has problems and many people are complaining or closing their accounts

better do same


Change browsers. Google Chrome is working well for me.


Sorry can't help because I want to know this answer too, exactly the same thing is happening to me today.

Somebody out there must know?...

Edited to say I've tried on Google Chrome and is working. Ta.


what do you use i mean internet explorer or wat?