What does it mean when a program is "running a script?"?

Have you ever gotten a warning that a program is running a script and that if it continues to run your computer will become unresponsive?

What causes that?


I went to the Yahoo!Answers Suggestion board on this earlier today and someone had already posted about the problem. Some staffer at Yahoo!U.K. said they meed more details.

I get it whenever a certain ad comes up; It has a gray background with a list of subjects similar to the Y!A subject menu and has at the bottom something like "Powered by".


A script is a piece of programming code / set of instructions / subroutine. If the script enters in a continuous loop it causes the type of problems / messages from the comptuter.


A script is basically a series of commands. For example, if you go to a webpage and get a popup window, thats probably being done via javascript.

Poorly written scripts can cause the error message you mention as can using an outdated browser.