Visual Basic CheckedListBox help?

*Using Visual Basic 2010 Express incase it matters.

I have a checked list box which I want whatever checked on the list to show on a label. Anyone have any ideas? (Yes i'm new to this program). Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.


use this code in any event, say button_click event

Label1.Text = ""

For i = 0 To CheckedListBox1.CheckedItems.Count - 1

Label1.Text = String.Concat(Label1.Text, vbCrLf, CheckedListBox1.CheckedItems(i))


I have checked it on my computer. It shows list of all checked items in the label.

Please recheck it, it should work.


There is an excellent sample program listed at the bottom of this page… that shows you how to gather data from a checked list box.