What are the advantages and disadvantages of multiple choice questions?

multiple choice quizes good? or bad?


Multiple choice quizzes can be good or bad, depending on the questions you want answers to


It's easy to see what most people think

You can give many options

It's quick for people to answer


If the right choice isn't there people give fake answers or the results aren't totally accurate

It doesn't always work for certain questions

Oct 21 at 5:42

there arent any purpose of your statement

Oct 21 at 9:28

advantage - the correct answer is listed

disadvantage - you don't know which one it is.

Oct 21 at 13:37

You might find the answer here

Oct 21 at 18:9

One of the advantage is that you dont need to memorize all the answers like in Essay type questions.

Disadvantage: you will become little bit lazy for multiple choice ....

Oct 21 at 23:5

advantages of multiple choice questions would be: If i don't know the answer I have a better chance of getting it right.

disadvantages are: If I am not 100% sure the other answers may stray me from the correct one.

Oct 22 at 4:23

You're limited to multiple false answers and one true answer - hence, if a question has multiple means to solve, you'd be limiting the selection while forcing standardization. Fill in the blank questions always work better as a demonstration of comprehension, but require more work from the teacher.

Oct 22 at 10:4

A well-written multiple choice test is a lot more difficult than one that asks for the answer. You're given 3 or 4 almost-exactly-correct choices and only one exactly-correct one. Or 3 or 4 that are great choices, and one that's an even better choice.

The disadvantage is that it's a lot more difficult to write a good multiple choice question.

Oct 22 at 16:8