How do I check the browsing history of my son's Netgear adapter?

We just recently got a Netgear Wireless Router so that my son can get on the internet from his computer. The Netgear router also had USB adapter that he uses to get online. How do I check to see my son's browsing history?


Your router may or may not keep a connection history, so don't get your hopes up. You can try pointing your web browser to or and log into the router's control panel. The default login ID and password should be listed in your user manual or printed on the side of the router, but most routers will use either admin/password or admin/admin as the login/password combination. If your son has already changed the default password, then you will need to perform a hard reset by holding the pinswitch for 10 seconds (a tiny little switch located somewhere on the router). However doing that will also wipe the connection history, if there is one.

Assuming you're able to log into the router's control panel, look around for something resembling a connection log, or browsing history, or anything that seems like it might be what you're looking for. Without knowing the specific make and model of router, I can't walk you through it. But the control panel is generally straightforward, and as long as you don't go modifying any settings without understanding what you're doing, you won't break anything.

Of course, the simplest solution would be to simply check your web browser's history. Although that will only show you the websites he's visited, and since modern browsers include a "private mode" where history is not saved, browser history is far from foolproof. The router's connection log would show all connections, even if he browsed in private mode, or used another service altogether like IRC or FTP. It won't show you the CONTENT of that connection, but by paying attention to the destinations he visited you can infer what his online actions were.


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You log into the netgear router

all routers keep a history of sites they visit

you turn this function on

the first guy is right, but you must be connected to the router by a cable and its not his adapter, its the router

Here's some info on router logs…


Log in to Netgear's Smart Wizard configuration page:

The default user name is admin and the password is password (if you haven't changed them). Under Content Filtering, click on Logs. There you will see the sites that were accessed by all devices connected to the router.

You can even have the log sent to your gmail or hotmail account if you want.


You need to get hold of his laptop unfortunatley. The Router is just a gateway to the net. All the browsing is done on the computer. To view browsing history on any computer in firefox hold down ctrl+shift+h and with explorer its the same. There are programs which you can get to log all the info about browsing and also ban sites if desired. The big problem about checking the browser history this way is that its fairly easy to delete if you know what to do!

Hope this helps and safe browsing!