How do I get off of financial aid suspension?

Okay so I know that each school is different but just give me what is typical. I had a pretty messed up first year,for some very personal reasons, I mean my GPA is below low. Anyway the school, a community college, put me on financial aid suspension. Now I know I can get it appealed but if I can't get it appealed what should I do. I am taking a History and a Chemistry class this summer. I know for a fact I will get a A in the Chemistry class but I will probably get a C in History. If i pass these two classes plus my Fall classes will I be able to get financial aid in the Spring.


That's how my school works. If you appeal for financial aid and it doesn't go thru then that means you will have to pay for that semester out of pocket. If you pass those 2 classes during summer semester then you can receive financial aid for the fall semester because you academically proved yourself.


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