How much financial aid money did you get last semester?

I'm just curious... how much did you get paid last semester (exact amount)... all combine grants, loans, etc.. I'm waiting for my award letter. I'm just so curious how much will I get paid...


I received $3525 in grants and took out $3,000 in stafford loans to cover tuition and fees. I paid for my books out-of-pocket and did not receive a refund (because I don't accept refunds in loan money). I attend a private school though, so it's pricier than a public school. My efc was 0. Your school cost and efc will determine what your financial aid award will be... plus, there were some grants that I wasn't eligible for because I graduate high school 10 years ago... you may be eligible for these if you've recently graduated high school. You may also have higher state grants... my state has very few educational grants.


I get about 18,500 in free money each semester. Counting Stafford Loans, it comes to like 22,500 a semester and 45,000 each year. I go to a pretty expensive school, but they give a lot of money.


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