What does tuition per unit, per term mean?

Im trying to apply to a master program, but im worried about the tuition costs. The website says : tuition per unit, per term. Does it mean that i have to pay X amount for each credit or for each course?


Masters level programs are only for those who already have a 4 year college degree already. It sounds like you do not.

Anyway, a "unit" is a college credit hour. Most college courses are 3 units (credits). Normally, real colleges are 12 "units" a semester. My local school is 100 a unit (a credit hour)... so a term (a 12 week semester) costs 1200.00

Many for-profit schools use different terminology as to confuse their students who don't know how to then "comparative shop" for other programs...

Just remember that a bachelors degree program is 120 units (credits) which takes you 4 years. choose a school that costs 500 a Unit at a for profit like DeVry or Univ of Phoenix to the local state school at 100 a unit and you have such a HUGE difference in costs.

120 units X 100 a credit hour = 12,000 total for bachelors degree

120 units X 500 a credit hour = 60,000 total for a bachelors degree


Precisely. If they charge $300 per unit, then a 3 credit class would cost $900. Some classes have a material fee that is usually listed by the course description. There are also school fees.