Can i be kicked out of university of phoenix for accidentally plagiarizing?

I just got a note from my professor at university of phoenix saying that I plagiarized work by citing it incorrectly and supposedly I have been warned earlier in the class about that although I don't remember anything like that. She said that by university of phoenix code she will be reporting me as soon as tomorrow. I am generally an a student and have my professors know me as highly dedicated even through hard circumstances. I am also nearing my graduation and I am scared to death that they will kick me out of school which will mean no other school would ever want me or fail me in the class which would cause me to have to take a break to pay all of my debt incurred so far which i absolutely can't do. I submitted a long letter explaining what happened, my situation, and my previous academic integrity. I am really freaking out about this so please tell me what will happen if you are, were, or know someone who has dealt with that issue through university of phoenix. Please don't sugar coat. I just need the truth.


They won't kick you out for an incorrect citation, especially since it's your first infraction. They'll probably just deduct some marks from your paper.

She has to formally report as per the school's academic integrity policy, but that doesn't mean the punishment will be severe.

They only kick people out for repeated intentional plagiarism. For example, if you're caught copying and pasting from the internet twice, they might kick you out. Or, if you paid someone to write a paper for you and submitted it as your own/if you copied a paper from the internet, they might kick you out without a second chance for that.

Incorrect citations aren't such a big deal. It's obvious that there was no intent to plagiarize, and that counts for a lot. They have to punish you in some way since it is a rule infraction, but I think it will be mild.


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