I Got Caught Plagiarizing Twice At University of Phoenix (What Now?)?

I cheated twice at U.O.P. actually alot lol but got caught in my last class and now caught again in my next class. Save your "Dont cheat line for someone that cares lol". So how long does it take for them to contact you? Im not gonna cheat again but wonders what will happen the second time even though I never received anything from my last class that I cheated on. Whats the drill? Its a school aim to get students money so well they actually kick us out because they need us especially in a recession so what do you all think besides say im a cheater. Tell me something I dont know lol


Sorry sir but you are as we say in the intelligent world, screwed. Your first problem was going to that poor excuse for a school. Nothing personal, but it has a reputation of being a scam that takes advantage of people such as yourself. Secondly charges of cheating stay on record forever and their are not many ways of having them expunged. Even if you leave the University to go elsewhere they will follow you. The only thing i would advise is to contact an attorney or a highly skilled English Major to help you write a damn good apology letter admitting to all charges and formally stating you will never do it again. Talk to the dean of students, if they have one.


You and U of Phoenix deserve each other. Keep cheating.