It is possible to get into Vet school with a very low GPA with B.A. Biology?

Just graduated with a B.A in biology and really wish to go to veterinary school. I really wish to pursue the career as a vet and wish to attend a vet school. I don't care if its in the country or out. I just want to know if i have any chance of getting into a school.


Some schools will consider a GPA as low as a 2.5. Others have their minimum GPA at 3.0. However, just because they will consider your application with that GPA doesn't mean you can realistically get accepted with that GPA. If your GRE scores are well above average and your veterinary experience is substantial (3,000+ hours) then that could make up for a lower than average GPA. But, your GRE scores, and experience are only average then no you won't get in.

If you have less than a 3.0 then your chances are very very slim.

If you are somewhere around 3.0-3.3 then you might have a shot if your other qualifications are well above average.

You could probably get into one of the Caribbean schools with a GPA of below a 3.0. Ross University was recently accredited so that would be your best option for foreign schools. Trying to go to Europe or Australia will be just as difficult as getting into a US school.

You could consider pursuing a master's degree to prove you can handle graduate work and if you do well then that would increase your chances of getting into vet school also.