Is it possible to raise a 2.9 GPA to at least a 3.5GPA in 2 years?

I just completed my first semester in college online and I am pretty sure I will have a 2.9 or so GPA because I screwed up the last few weeks and my A's went to Bs by like 1% (UGH!) because I am pregnant and have a one year old, plus I was sick.. I need to have a 3.5 to make sure I can get into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography I want to enroll into after my Bachelors degree. I understand that is not for four years, but I am trying to figure out if I can raise my GPA to a 3.5 in less time and also if I need straight As to raise it or I can have a B or two? I seriously am dreadful in math and worked hard to get good grades in it, but I ended up ruining that because I missed a lot of work while I had a tummy flu during this pregnancy and had to rest for a couple days.


Mathematicallly, yes... but it'll be difficult!

If you've taken 1 year's worth of college credits, it's about 30 credits.

30* 2.9 = 87 quality points.

To have a 3.5 in 2 years, you would need (90*3.5=X) 315 quality points.

That means that you need to earn (315-87=X) 228 quality points in 2 years.

That comes to 114 quality points per year.


X=114/30 ... X=3.8

You would need to maintain a 3.8 GPA in order to do so.

Dec 11 at 11:26

Here's how you figure out what GPA you'd need to raise a 2.9 to a 3.5 if you've taken one semester, have 4 semesters left, and take the same number of credit hours each semester.

(2.9 * 1 + x * 4) / 5 = 3.5

x = (3.5 * 5 - 2.9 * 1) / 4 = 3.65

You'll need almost all A's to pull it off, only a couple of B's. This is online college - being sick doesn't keep you from going to class or getting most of your work done. You can do it all from bed.

Dec 11 at 15:12

anything is possible, but you need to work for it to try and get it there. Maybe try bumping up those babysitting days because if you want this , your gonna have to reach higher to get higher. Just keep thinking positive, and things will hopefully work out.

Dec 11 at 19:21

Realistically, NO.

Being as college doesn't get easier to further you go along, it gets quite a bit harder each succeeding year - along with the fact that you'll find other lame excuses to blame your poor performance - it seems a rather impractical expectation on your part.

Dec 11 at 23:53