Are online high schools free?

If not, how much does it cost?

Can anyone join an online high school?


Online versions of public school are technically not "free," they're paid for by taxes, just like the regular school system. In these arrangements, you're counted as a public school student and you have to have regular contact with teachers, submit work and tests, etc. The school district also gets to keep the matching federal funds for you.

The other option is that you may choose to buy materials from companies and enroll with online schools, but remain "independent" of the school district. and you don't owe anyone a darned thing...your test scores (if any; few homeschoolers in the traditional sense are obligated to take state standardized tests) are you own business, as is the pace, order or depth at which you choose to go through the material. But that kind of flexibility comes with a price, so you pay for that sort of school.

We are in, but we're enrolled as "independents," and don't bother with the school district. Since we're dealing with elementary aged students, it's a cost of less than

100/mo. If you come up with your own curriculum, it's much less than that.


It depends on the state you live in. If they permit 'distance learning' then you can enroll at taxpayer expense in a virtual school.

You should ask FVS.


I attend K12, I live in california so i go to cava ( california virtual academy). if your in k12, then it it free, all the books are free. plus they also lend you a free computer, scanner, fax, copier in the mean time while your attending the school.


There are some online schools that is free because i am at an online school but mines is in ohio. Not all of them you have to pay for because the one that i'm at is like a public online school they supply you with brand new books, a lap top, and a printer.


Hi, I "attend" the online school Laurel Springs in CA.

Yes anyone can join an online school, and no it is NOT free. I had to pay about

2,000 to apply, as well as

180 for the lab kit and about

600 for the school books.

I'm not even sure if it's worth it personally. It's a very nice way to learn, but you have to be very motivated to get all the work done.

Hope this helps!