Acrostic poem help? Plzz?

Okay, so I have to do an acrostic poem about patriotism, and my acrostic poem is going to be the word freedom. so i have the F-fighting for our country.any ideas for the R-E-E-D-O-M part? lol. thanks. If you dont know what an acrostic poem it cuz i cant explain is very well on here(: thnxx Illl give 5 stars! plzz plz answer..


F -- Fairness

R -- Revolution

E -- Ethic

E -- Equality

D -- Diversity

O -- Opportunity

M -- Magnanimity



Just use a thesaurus :)

Good luck!


for R u could do soldiers Represent our country at war. So you would do soliders first. For e you could do we elected the first african american president but idk the other e. The d it would be dangerous to fight in wars ummmm o would be love the soilders and use the o for the o in love and m would be memorial day Hope i helped!:) Tryed the best i could!


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