What are interview questions to ask football players and coach?

im in a journalism class and my teacher wants me to go to every football game possible but before the game which is friday, she wants me to interview the coach about the upcoming game. so i will like for you to give me questions to ask in his weekly interview. also i have to interview players after each game and im running out of questions to ask so it would be nice if you could give me questions for that also. thank you!


Here are some ideas for interview questions -

Questions for the coach:

How have you prepared for Friday's game?

Have the players done anything specific to prepare in practice?

Do you anticipate it to be a close game?

Who will be starting (playing)?

What do you anticipate to be the biggest challenge in the game?

What are you looking forward to most?

Questions for the players:

How do you think you performed? Was there anything that you wish you did different?

What did you learn from this game?

How do you plan to improve (or continue to do well) in the next game?

What was the most exciting part of the game?

What was your favorite play?


Ask them if they finished school or ever read a book.



1) Are the players hard to deal with?

2) Do you think the players are good?

3) Will your team win, according to you?

4) Do you feel prepared enough?

5) What are the main feelings you feel right now?

6) How do you coach your team?

7) Do you think your team will score many goals?

8) Do you enjoy your job as coach?

9) Are you proud of your team?

10) When did you first start/show an interest in coaching?


1) Did you feel you were good in that game?

2) How many goals did you score?

3) How much do you think you participated towards this game?

4) Will you continue to play football?

5) Do you hope to become better at this game?

6) Overall, did you enjoy playing this particular game?

7) Where did you learn to play football?