What could be a "recipe" for the American Revolution (for a project)?

I have a project in history due tomorrow. i have to make a recipe for the causes of the revolution, and because I'm a guy, i know nothing about recipes, measurements, or cooking. so can you help me. what should my final product be, a cake or like chineese food?


omg i did this my freshmen year, iwish i still had the paper, but what you do is write down who was involved ibn the revolution, important people, weapons used, treaties made, and the time of the total revolution. then make a list like "15 angry americans" "a dash of red coats" you know? and you should make like a platter, the different dishes being the treaties and any battles. the final product could be called "la revolucion" or something like that. just make it creative, look up a recipe online and just fill it in with facts about the revolution. the total cook time would be the time span from the beginning of the revolution to the decleration of independence


Don't get answers of the internet you might meet someone bad.


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