Please help with these four math questions ive tried for an hour.?

Question 17 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

[3.02] MA.7.A.5.1

Convert two point six eight to a mixed number.

two and sixty-eight tenths

two and ten sixty-eighths

two and seventeen twenty-fifths

two and seventeen over two hundred fifty

Question 18 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

[3.03] MA.7.A.3.2

Add negative eleven-twelfths plus three-fourths.

negative one and two-ninths

negative eleven-sixteenths

negative one and two-thirds

negative one-sixth

Question 19 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

[3.07] MA.7.A.5.2

A group of friends were voting for their favorite song: one-half chose song A, one-third of the remaining friends chose song B, and the rest chose song C. If there were twenty-four friends in all, how many chose song C?





Question 20 (Multiple Choice Worth 3 points)

[3.06] MA.7.A.3.3

Solve t divided by fifteen equals one and two-fifths.

seven seventy-fifths

three and one-fifth




[3.02] MA.7.A.5.1

number is 2.68

fraction is 0.68 = 68/100

mixed number is 2 68/100

cancel down 2 34/50

cancel down 2 17/25

[3.03] MA.7.A.3.2

-11/12 + 3/4 = -11/12 + 9/12 = (-11 + 9)/12 = -2/12 = -1/6

[3.07] MA.7.A.5.2

(1/2) of 24 chose A, so 12 chose A

of the remaining 12, (1/3) chose B, so 4 chose B

leaving 8 to choose C

[3.06] MA.7.A.3.3

t/15 = 1 2/5

t/15 = 7/5

t = 15 * 7/5

t = 3*7

t = 21


well I can only really help you with the last three question because I did this stuff along time ago and forgot most of it. For the second question you should rearrange the equation so that the negative turns into a minus, after that try getting a common denominator and then just subtract them.

For the 3rd one try multiplying the percentage of students by the total number of student to get the number of students that chose that song. After you get both, add them up and subtract that from the total number of students to acquire your answer.

For the last one, get the right side of the equation to just a numerator over a denominator and cross-multiply, after that it should be easier.

Hope that helps.

btw maverick, kids learn best if they try it for themselves instead of seeing the answer.