Short questionnaire on animal testing for school?

Are you pro-animal testing or against it?

Name one major advantage or disadvantage of animal testing.

Do you find it necessary to test cosmetics on animals?

Do you find the prerequisites to obtain an animal testing license reasonable or should they be more or less lenient?

"Under the 1986 Act, project licences are only granted for specified permissible purposes:

? where there are no non-animal alternatives

? when the benefits expected from the programmes of work are judged to outweigh the likely adverse effects on the animals concerned

? the number of animals used and their suffering must also be minimised"

** Please include your age, gender, occupation, and education (secondary school, primary school, higher education, etc.)

Thank you lovelies for answering. Have a great day! ?


I'm pro-testing, as long as the rules of the license are not broken. People would cry out against medicinal testing on humans without prior investigations, but without animal tests, no medicines could be marketed, for example.

Animal testing gives a very good indication of the effect a product has. However, it does imply the risk of harm to animals, something that must be minimised as much as possible in any case.

Cosmetics should not be tested on animals, in my opinion. They are not essential for human life.

I see the prerequisites stringent enough. If they are broken, then the law should crack down on them hard, however.

I'm 28, male, an analytical chemistry researcher who does not work with animals, and I completed higher education.