True or False? PLEASE HELP?

1. A regular polygons perimeter can be larger than its area.

2. As the number of sides of a regular polygon increases, the measure of the sum of the polygon's exterior angles increase.

3. Is it possible for the measure of an interior angle of a regular polygon to measure 132?


True true false.




1. Meaningless. The units used to measure area are different to those that measure length.

2. True

3. False. The interior angle of a regular polygon is given by (n-2) × 180° / n where n is the number of sides. Make this equal to 132 and you'll see its insoluble. You'll also discover that the internal angle of a heptagon is about 128.6 degrees and that of an octagon is 135 degrees, so the polygon with interior angles of 132 would have to have 7 and a bit sides. Nonsense.