I need to make a love poem using math terms?

I cant think of anythingg!

Help please.


A fraction of my love to great to ever measure,

every moment counts, adding memories to treasure.

The sum total of our assets show a wealth of poverty,

decreasing not our lovestruck bliss there for all to see.

Love a common denominator when issues divide,

if all we had to eat was a bit of humble PI.

I would value every bit ,you're the reason why,

multiply the highest number, decimals do not miss,

thats how long I'll love you, as equals we exist...

Jan 29 at 7:55

one plus one is two, I think that I love you, One plus two is three I'm hoping you love me, One plus 3 is four, I want to kiss you at your door, one plus four is five I'm glad that you're alive, one plus five is six, I want to take you out and watch some flix, one plus six is seven, when I'm with you I'm in heaven, one plus seven is eight, now I need to masturbate.

Jan 29 at 11:41