Help! call of the wild! 10 points 1 question!?

One possible theme of the book could be that only the strongest survive. Explain how this relates to Darwin's theory of natural selection and the survival of the fittest. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Is there one aspect with which you agree but another with which you do not?

Your answer should contain the following:

a full explanation of this theme and its connection to natural selection;

citation of supporting examples from the novel that illustrate the theme;

and your opinion and reasons.


Your question is hardly "Homework Help".

You are asking people to spend a considerable amount of their time to do your homework for you which may help you do well in school and get a good job that you didn't earn which could have gone to someone who did earn it.

This is also related to survival of the "fittest" of modern day. Who can cheat best and has the most connections on the inside to get hired for something they don't deserve.

This is an excellent book and I suggest you read it or read it again, or read the cliff notes and draw your own set of conclusions and do your own homework where you will earn your grade just like many of us did before the internet made it so easy for people to cheat.


sigh, i have the same problem. But you just spent a considerable amout of time typing out that dont you have anything other to do than to call out someone who needs help?