I have only 2 questions PLEASE help. Then I will be all done! THANK YOU!?

1. The coordinates of an ordered pair have opposite signs. In which quadrant(s) must the ordered pair lie? Explain.

2. Will the graph of y = |x| ever have points in Quadrants III and IV? Explain. (clearly plz)



If x is positive and y negative, the point is in quadrant 4.

If x is negative and y positive, the point is in quadrant 2.

Those are the only two possibilities.


|x| is always zero or positive, whatever the sign of x.

y = |x| is therefore confined to quadrants 1 and 2 which are above the x-axis.

It has no points in quadrants 3 or 4.

The point (0, 0) cannot sensibly be assigned to any quadrant, as it is at the junction of all four quadrants.