What age can a child start pre-k in san antonio tx?

i have an 3 year old daughter but she wont turn four until september 12,2010 would she be able to start pre k in august 2010?


I would say if your daughter seems ready, go ahead and enroll her in Pre-K next August.

I was in a similar situation when I was starting school. (I'm born August 31). There is a fine "cut-off" line that is arbitrarily placed by schools to keep the younger kids held back a year to "Be with their age-mates"

My mother felt the cut-off was bull, and enrolled me anyways. I really doubt 2 weeks different (from my birthday), really makes a child younger.

So, go for it... but only if you think your daughter is ready for it. Be attentive to her needs, and if you believe she is ready, don't let a birthday hinder your decision.


We have a granddaughter in Dallas who is in pre-pre-pre K at 2 and a half! Its a private school.


they have to be four years old before september 1 if they were born later you have to miss a year hope this helps


No she wont be able to because the cut off date is september 1 in texas. Since she wont be four until after that date she has to wait a year. so aug. 2011 she can start pre k


I have taught for 25+ years, and believe me, the extra maturity she gains by waiting a year will be a great benefit for her. She has her whole childhood ahead of her. Don't rush her through it.