Fast food should be allowed in school?

Im writing an essay for english on why fast food should be allowed in school, i only have one reason, any suggestions?


Reason One: It is convienent

Reason Two: If fast food is assesible in schools, those students who don't normally eat lunch would actually eat.

Reason Three: Parents would know there kids are eating.


Because fast food can save time for studying.


There is no reason... American people are as obese as we can handle. Putting fast food in schools would only escalate the problem.


because it just makes sense...america is obese....nobody wants to loose weight.

People have an addiction to food....that isnt like an addiction to booze or crack.


Because this is America and people can decide what they want to eat. If someone chooses to eat fast food everyday, they will probably gain weight, but that is their decision


if u keep fastfoods in school dont eat it all the time just once in a while unless u want to be obeese