A short story on 'a stitch in time saves nine'?

I want a short story urgently.

please help!

a bit longer story will also work.


A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Betty Schill

"The fence has three boards broken off, and I think it is time to do some repairing," said mother.

"Why bother now, wait until it's worth while fixing," grumbled Jack.

"Alright, only it will mean more work in the end," replied mother.

Many days passed and the fence had five more boards broken off.

Jack then set to work with great haste but a whole day went by before the fence was again in place. After the work was finished Jack returned to the house, tired and weary from the long day's work."Well, mother, that time a stitch in time would have saved nine."

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Owl and Cat

Owl sailed with his friend Cat one day in their two shiny new sailboats. Owl's boat was brown, and Cat's was bright orange. After sailing for a while, Owl noticed something. "Cat," said Owl, "is that an island in the distance? Maybe we should go explore it."

"It sounds boring," yawned Cat, "but I suppose I will come." Soon after, the two friends set out towards the island. "This is as boring as I predicted, I'm going to bed," grumbled Cat.

"Wait! Don't go to bed, there will be excitement soon enough!" said Owl desperately, but Cat was soon asleep. As the friends slept that night, there was a terrible hailstorm. Waves churned and pieces of hail plummeted from the sky and ripped through the sails. The next morning the two friends woke up.

"Where is the excitement that you promised me?" asked Cat. "I have a better idea, let's race to the island!"

"Okay... GO!" shouted Owl, and the race was on. They had not gone far when Owl noticed the rips in his sails caused by the hail. "Oh dear, this will certainly not do!" said Owl and he stopped to mend his sails. Meanwhile Cat was way in the lead.

"Where did silly Owl go?" Cat scoffed. He yawned and as he did, he glanced up at the huge rips that the wind was widening. "Oh well," Cat yawned, "Time for my nap." And he went to sleep. When Cat awoke he had stopped; his sails were in tatters. "Ahhhh! These will take weeks to fix!" said Cat in horror. A few hours later Owl passed by.

"Oh, hello Cat," said Owl, "I will see you later." Owl sailed on to the island, found a nice camping spot, and camped out for a whole week while his lazy friend was stuck at sea.

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