Is carbone monoxide less dense than the air?

I am trying to find the next less dense gas I can produce myself other than air. I am wanting to try making some things have bouyancy. And I am wondering if I can use carbon monixde for it.


C + O → CO

12 + 16 → 28

Air ≈ 29

So, yes, CO is less dense than air ~ 28/29


any sort of oxygen-rich air is almost cetatinly less dense that standard air. this definitely includes pure oxygen.


Carbon dioxide is more dense than air.

CO2 has

one carbon atom 12g/mole

two oxygen atoms 2 x 16 g/mole

total 44 grams per mole compared to 28 for N2 (nitrogen) and 32 for O2 (oxygen)


atomic mass CO=28

atomic mass N2 (78% of air) =28

so it looks like it would evenly mix but if we take into account O2 which takes about 21% of air

atomic mass O2=32

so it would most likely rise do to it being lighter than air as the combo of N2 and O2


Carbon Monoxide is poisonous. Try using Helium instead.