Geometry help pleaseeee! i dont understand how to do this and i would reallly like to learn.?

Here is the Pictures

Now here is the question.

1. Circles and segments create the many relationships addressed in the theorems throughout this unit. Use those theorems and the information given for the following diagram to supply all of the missing information below. To the right, show all formulas, proportions, work, theorems, and reasoning you use to justify your answers. Note that the importance of justifications for your answers is equal to or greater than the importance of simply the answers in the earning of points.


a.) FH

b.) AE

c.) EL

d.) PO

e.) AG

f.) KI

g.) Angle LNM


h.) LR

i.) KJ

j.) SH


k.) NLM

l.) IJK

m.) LKI

n.) BAQ

o.) BKL

p.) LPF

q.) C

r.) LAH

I dont expect all to be done i just want a little bit done so i can understand how to do this.


Hi Kristina

This question requires detailed answer. If you contact me at my e mail: directly and not thru YA, I can mail back with diagrams and working solutions. I've solved the same for others, os I jaust have to attach the answers.