Will the world really end someday?

Im really curious but at the same time scared, I hope it never does I just wish everyone will turn into good people so we can all live in peace and be happy.


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Yes the world will eventually end someday, but as of when we may never know. It could be tomorrow or it could be in 4 billion years when our sun turns into a red giant.

World peace- its something most everyone wants but unfortunately it isn't possible. The reason being is this. There is always someone wanting power so they take it, i.e. Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler. So, according to our government, we (americans) have to do something about it so that we can have more peace in the world. We then start a war which eventually leads to other countries and people hating us americans. Thus we have terrorist attacks and more violence in the world. Therefore by trying to gain peace in the world, we just cause a rise in violence.



The Bible declares through parables that the precise end of this world begins on OCT 21 2011 but the begining of that end is 5/21/2011. Read how wecanknow below.


Nothing lasts forever, if there is a "forever".


Everything ends. The sun fuses hydrogen into helium for its energy. When it consumes its hydrogen, it will begin fusion of helium, but that produces much less energy than hydrogen fusion, so it will cool and expand and become a red giant star that absorbs Mercury, Venus and Earth. That will begin in five billion years.


In about 5 billion years...


eventually it will end but don't worry. you and i will be long gone before it happens.


yes, the world wil hav to end some day.

The Sun is about 4.5 billion years old. it has used up about half of its nuclear fuel (hydrogen). In about 5 billion years from now, the sun will begin to die.

As the Sun grows old, it will expand. As the core runs out of hydrogen and then helium, the core will contact and the outer layers will expand, cool, and become less bright. It will become a red giant star.

After this phase, the outer layers of the Sun will continue to expand. As this happens, the core will contract; the helium atoms in the core will fuse together, forming carbon atoms and releasing energy. The core will then be stable since the carbon atoms are not further compressible.

Then the outer layers of the Sun drift off into space, forming a planetary nebula (a planetary nebula has nothing to do with planets), exposing the core.

Most of its mass will go to the nebula. The remaining Sun will cool and shrink; it will eventually be only a few thousand miles in diameter!

if sun burns out,,can we survive?

without sunlight plants cant no release of oxygen.further we r dependent on plants many,timber etc...

so v cant survive n the world wil come to an end!


of course.... everything dies.... even stars die... but hopefully by then we will have the tech to migrate to different planets