How long until marijuana leaves your system?

I smoked 2 times in the past week with a couple of friends. This is the first time that I have ever smoked marijuana. The problem is that I have a job interview on Tuesday and may have to take a drug test. I smoke about a bowl the first time and apx 1.5 bowls the 2nd time out of a hookah. Will I be able to pass my drug test on Tuesday (smoked mon and wed, today is thurs)? If not, is there anyway i can dilute the test?


Depends on the test. The saliva 'lollypop' you'll be ok - it test 3 days back. A pee test is cutting it close. THC leaving is not exact because it is one drug where body chemistry comes into play. The days used puts you at 8-14 days until clean. If it had been just one day it would be gone in 4. Hydrate (don't over hydrate), low fat high fiber balanced diet, do not increase exercise and if you usually workout (run, etc) cut back. On Monday by a drug store test and see where you at. I don't believe in them but if there was a time I'd try one of those cleanse drinks it would be if I failed the home test. You'd take it on Tues. The head shop has them - and employees in the know. Also - if you fail the employers test - you act surprised, demand it is wrong, ask the accuracy - ask for a retest and by then you will be clean!


you should be totally fine. with a piss/blood test it can apparently be detected up to 30 days after smoking. But I've passed 6 urine drug tests literally the day after smoking, just drinking a bunch of water like a half hour before the test so i had to pee really bad. idk maybe im just a freak of nature