Do you think astronauts have weapons on board in case of alien attack?

and what kind would they have?


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There's a rumor that they have suicide pills, but I think you have to verify that.


Of course they do.

Each spacecraft and the space station is equipped with a manual can opener and a directive.

If an alien spacecraft should approach, one astronaut is to quickly perform a spacewalk and use the can opener to open the alien craft before the aliens suspect anything.


but what if they wanted to make peace



Russian cosmonauts carry weapons because their craft sometimes land in wilderness areas, and they may have to defend themselves against hostile wildlife.


there all wrong they do have a .38 cal wih plastic bullets


OK, let's look at this systematically.

Do you know any alien civilization?

Do you know any alien civilization with the technology to come all the way to Earth?

Do you know of any alien civilization who would want to attack astronauts?

Do you know of any weapon that would be effective at repelling an attack by advanced alien civilization with the technology to go from star system to star system?

If you answered NO to any of those, then the presence of anti-alien weapons on the space station is thereby proved as being a futile investment, especially since putting a single pound in orbit costs around $5000.


Well, ..., no. The ISS and shuttle are defenseless. Remember they have a peaceful mandate for research. Currently, there is no evidence that any life exists outside of our own planet much less an intelligent aggressive and space worthy alien race. It makes for great sci-fi and video games but in reality we have no evidence of the existence of any alien threat. As a result, it doesn't make sense to defend the ISS or Shuttle (for that matter) against a non-existent foe.


If aliens could get to Earth in less than a century, even their own propulsion system would be a terrible weapon of mass destruction. Even a nuclear ballistic missile submarine would not be enough, a planet armed to the teeth would be proper self-defense then.

There is absolutely nothing that could be helpful then, and the risk of hostile aliens attacking a human spacecraft currently infinitesimal small.