Biology students please help me label pig!?

I am so confused of where the larynx and the thyroid gland is! The whole neck area looks the same. Is it actually showing, or not at all? If you could circle where it is and paste it back, that would be great!

Or if you can describe really well.


You need to palpate (feel) the larynx, because it normally is covered on the surface by the thyroid gland. By the pic you have, you can't identify those structures really well, but my guess is that they are both in the area btw the clips and a little distal to that (further down). If you feel a hard area there, that's the larynx (which is the "voice box" in humans, which if you feel on yourself is also hard), so once you find that, there should be a pinkish, soft & spongy tissue right on top, and that's the thyroid.

And yes, the area you're talking about is the rib cage.