What's the difference between Math Literacy and Math?

I'm grade 10 and 16 years old;I usually get As in all my subjects BUT mathematics. I find math as an exceptionally complicated subject and for this term I got my first F - which my dad wasn't very pleased to hear. So, my teacher suggested that - even though it's actually too late - she can arrange for me to go over to Math Literacy while I'm still grade 10. I know that Math Lit. is said to be easier than Math, but does anyone know what it actually is and what the difference is? My teacher also said that if I decide against it, she can arrange extra Math classes for me, which - apparently - will be more work on my part but might benefit me in the long run. My dad said I should choose what I feel is best - which one would you take?


The meaning of literacy means the ability to read and write. Mathematical literacy then would be the ability to mathematically read and write.

I read up a bit about it here.

At first glance, i'd say take it for sure because literacy is like pretty much the key to all learning.

You have the meaning of the symbol, and you have the symbol. You put them together, and it makes sense. 1 can be pictured as any separate object. 2=2 can be said that the quantity of 2 is the same as the quantity of 2, just like an apple=apple. Likewise, in language the same thing applies. Comprehension rests on your ability to interpret the words to the concepts of force and form in their infinite variety.

On second hand, if the education system is failing you now, what could make me think that a class in teaching literacy couldn't also fail you? I remember what it was like to go through high school and struggle with the concepts of math. I remember listening to a teacher for an hour as if that was going to help me learn math effectively. Honestly, i don't think it's that you find math complicated, but the textbooks, teachers, and learning technique you are exposed to is MAKING it complicated.

I never depend on my teachers or anyone else to learn the material because they have failed me so many times in the past. My suggestion is to explore for 5 star rated books in algebra and whatever else you study, and explore your library for a book that makes sense to you. Whenever i take a class in anything, i always look for good books rather than depend on my teacher. In fact, i don't even use my teacher for learning. You would be amazed at how easy math is once the ideas are laid out in a easy to absorb fashion with the freedom to pause and think about the ideas(unlike what sitting in class does) In fact, i'd suggest to go as far as to only learn from books, and only use class as a refresher. I am taking an upgrading course in precalc right now. The textbook is crud. The teacher isn't all that great. I just skipped class yesterday because it was a waste of time going. Rather i sat at home with a banana log and 1 of 3 precalc textbooks i have on the topic in hand(2 of which i got from the library). In just a few moments, i'm about to sit down and study equations that create ellipses, circles, hyperbolas and parabolas(all forms of lines taken from a cone shape(conic sections)) are the coordinate plane. I will pause and think about why the heck numbers in that fashion send the line in that direction on the plane, and i will understand the material much better than listening barely engaged in-front of a teacher. When i come across a definition that is unfamiliar to me, i won't have to space out. Rather i can just pop over to my computer and look up the meaning on wikipedia,, or any other various mathematically references sites you can find. (thank god for the internet). Classrooms shouldn't really be used to teach mathematics. Best of wishes ~

BOOKS ROCK! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here's an example of a book i'm talking about. Look at the reviews ! ! KIICCCCK ASSS. Books like this should literally replace class.


face the problem, do some real math...